NEGIX presents to your attention a unique property acquisition program.


NEGIX makes your dreams come true!

Could you think that you will become the owner of apartments on the sea coast? NEGIX presents you a unique program that allows you to discover new opportunities and push the boundaries to achieve your most fantastic goals and desires.

Thanks to "NEGIX HOME" program, you will become the owner of apartments in Georgia, Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus or Turkey, your choice.


Negix Company presents to your attention a unique program that allows you to discover new opportunities and push the boundaries to achieve your most cherished goals and desires.

If you want to receive the keys to the "house of your dreams" in any region of your choice, just take part participating in the "NEGIX HOME" program.

We present to your attention a marketing plan that allows each partner to participate in the "NEGIX HOME" program. This is a unique program, which consists of only 3 conditions.

1. In this program, the structural turnover of your team is calculated up to level 8th:

















2. You must have at least 2 active structures;

3. The turnover of a larger structure is equal to the sum of the rotations of smaller structures.

In order to become the owner of the keys to the apartments in a particular country, you need to achieve a turnover according to the table:

Country: Georgia / Bulgaria Cyprus / Turkey Spain
Signing of contracts /
down payment 30% from NEGIX.
$150 000 $300 000 $1 000 000
Key issuance $500 000 $1 000 000 $5 000 000

Once the team turnover has reached the first mark of $150,000, according to the terms of the program, you can sign an agreement with the company and choose apartments in Georgia / Bulgaria, for which the company will make a down payment of 30% of the cost, or continue to increase the team turnover to sign contracts for real estate in Cyprus / Turkey or Spain.

Prior to signing the contracts and making the first cash payment from NEGIX for your property, you have the opportunity to change your chosen country as a goal in your personal account.

After you have made your choice in your personal account, namely, you have decided on the country in which you want to receive your apartments and fulfilled the first conditions of the Program (i.e. your required Turnover), the following possibilities will open for you:

  1. NEGIX pays for an orientation tour of real estate in your chosen country.

  2. You familiarize yourself with the offers of the developer and choose the apartments that you like.

  3. You sign the Agreement with the developer (this agreement confirms that payments for the apartments are made in your name. Also, all information about the apartments and the payment schedule are indicated here).

  4. You sign an Agreement with NEGIX (in which the company agrees to pay fees according to the schedule of payments for the apartments. And you, in turn, undertake to carry out the turnover fixed by the agreement).

  5. After signing this agreement, NEGIX pays 30% of the price of the apartments you have chosen.

After signing the contract, in your personal account on the real estate page, it becomes possible to track the schedule of the next payments, as well as the turnover that you have already completed and how much you need to reach before the next stage.

Please note that the faster you make the desired volume of trade - the faster you will receive the keys to the selected apartment.

If in one of the months you were not able to achieve the required volume of turnover, you have the opportunity to make a payment yourself.

In the "Balance" window, each participant of the "NEGIX HOME" program can track the amount that the company has already paid for his apartments. This amount is 5% of the total structural turnover, which is "counts on".

After paying 100% of the cost of house under the contract, you get its ownership and become a full owner.

If you're not interested in receiving apartments, we provide the opportunity to withdraw the accrued funds in cash. This option is available after reaching a turnover of $500,000. The company provides you with the opportunity to receive the accumulated funds on your main balance in your account with a commission of 20%. To do this, send a withdrawal request, which will be considered within 5-7 business days.

After you pick up your first keys to the apartment, the real estate program can be reset to zero and you will have the opportunity to receive another apartment. Or, you can receive $5,000 from each of the next $100,000 structural turnover.

With the help of NEGIX, performing simple steps, you can get your own real estate in the country of your dreams.

Basking in the sun under the windows of your own apartment is not a dream, but your reality!

Georgia / Bulgaria
A warm sea, an ideal climate, clean air - what could be better for any person? We present to you sunny countries: Georgia and Bulgaria, which may well become your second "home" if you participate in the NEGIX real estate program.
Cyprus / Turkey
The mild climate, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, excellent ecology and incredible sea views from the window - these are the main reasons why the island of Cyprus attracts the attention of those who want to live in this wonderful place and invest in real estate.
Spain is loved by everyone! This is truly a fabulous country where you can enjoy the gentle Mediterranean Sea, clean golden beaches, travel to amazing vacation spots and teach children in the best educational institutions.