Jan. 2020

New payment system Perfect Money.

Hello dear partners! Negix is developing according to previously formed strategy. However, the company’s customer support service receives a huge number of messages related to improving the functionality. In this regard the company's management has made the decision to meet their partners and implement the Perfect Money payment gateway. The introduction of this payment gateway will contribute to the company's development in the Asian direction. Respectfully, NEGIX team.


Dec. 2019

Happy New Year from Negix!

Happy New Year from Negix! Dear Friends and Partners! Before the Old Year ends, I would like to thank you for all the time that we spent together and joined forces that were necessary for efficiency and achieving our goals. We look forward to the coming 2020 in which we are implementing new plans and projects that we will work with you together.  On behalf of the company allow me to congratulate you on the upcoming New Year. Good Luck and prosperity, be well!


Dec. 2019

Important news to the company partners.

Dear partners of NEGIX company, we draw your attention to the fact that New Year and Christmas holidays are coming all over the world very soon. As you know, during this period of time the market movements are minimal and difficult to predict and on January 1st and 2nd the market does not work at all. The first week of the year may also be accompanied by low liquidity and high risks. In this regard, a decision was made on December 20, 2019 that after the end of trading week the trading bots will be disabled until the market stabilizes...


Nov. 2019

Intergrating Bitcoin and Ethereum payment systems

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we hasten to share the good news. Starting today, we have added the ability to replenish the balance and withdraw funds using the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from your partner account. This ability allows our partners to build their partner network around the world even faster


Aug. 2019

Hot news from Negix Shareholders

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! My name is Ali and I am one of the shareholders of Negix. Our website is going to be launched really soon. Follow our company in social media. In the nearest time I would introduce to you a person, that would promote interests of our company. Follow the news.