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Financial password is necessary to prevent fraud activities from your personal account. Even if the scammer could enter your personal account, without financial password he won’t be able to withdraw any funds.

Secondly, you need financial password to withdraw your funds from your personal account. Every time you make a request for withdrawal of funds the system will ask you to fill in the financial password, in order to identify you, as an owner of the account.

First of all, secret password is aimed to protect your personal data, such as, payment details.

Secondly, secret password is needed to change your financial password. Without secret password, you won’t be able to change the financial password.

Important information!!!

You enter your secret password just once, and in case you forgot it, you will be able to restore it only with the help of customer support and identity verification.

Negix doesn’t make a complete identity verification, but we preserve the right to conduct the identity verification, if it is necessary, without informing the customer. The main reason of verification is to control the accounts, that we suspect in fraudulent activity, if you violate the regulations of the company or spread the misleading information against the activity of the company.

Please note, for the time of verification, account may have limited functions, and withdrawal of the funds and edition of the personal information can, also, be limited.

This account works as transit account, with the help of which you deposit and withdraw funds to your personal account.

This account is needed to accumulate the profit your team earned. Also, it works to control the partners interest. Please note, that funds can’t be withdrawn from this account, in order to withdraw funds from this account, you need to move them to main account.

You increase your funds in the company by means of this account. Please note, that funds, that were moved to this account start working on financial markets from the next work week.

Everyone knows, that trading activity on Forex market is going down or stops at all on Christmas holidays. That’s why the profit goes down to zero at this time of year.

That’s why Negix is going on holidays annually around 25.12 - 15.01 (more precise dates will be announced later). At this period, any interest on the deposit will be charged and withdrawal of funds is suspended.

Company is not working based on compound interest, income that was received doesn’t add up to deposit. Note, that weekly interest for deposits is allocated on main account in your personal account and it is kept there until you withdraw it.

Company gives an opportunity to invest interest, received from deposits. It can be invested in form of new deposit. Note, that all the funds that you received from your activity in the company are accumulated on your personal account, that gives you an opportunity to increase your residual income by adding more deposits in the company.

In order for the company to work properly, it charges fees:

When depositing on the account

  • Perfect Money payment system 0%
  • Bitcoin payment system 0%
  • Ethereum payment system 0%
  • Payeer payment system 0%

When withdrawing the funds

  • Perfect Money payment system 1%
  • Bitcoin payment system 1%
  • Ethereum payment system 1%
  • Payeer payment system 1%

Please note, that company retain the right to make changes in interest rate.

Company meets the needs of each partner and doesn’t limit the number of deposits, so investor can personally decide how many deposits has to be opened.

Negix makes profitable and secure investment accessible to all. Minimum amount necessary to participate in the program is just 50$ or equivalent amount in cryptocurrency.

Interest on deposits of all partners is allocated every Friday after each trading week.

For steady and predicted work, your deposit is frozen for a year, and, only after that, the whole amount will be accessible to withdraw. Please note, that every 90 days you will have an opportunity to withdraw 25 % from the initial amount you deposited.

Minimum amount for withdrawal is just 10$ or equal amount in cryptocurrency. Negix meets the needs of its partners and makes everything possible for comfortable cooperation.

To minimize the risk of financial loading, company settled the maximum amount of withdrawal per month and it’s 20000$.

Company meets the needs of each client, that’s why there is no limit on depositing the funds, you can invest as much as you wish.

YYou can apply for a withdrawal at any time but keep in mind that withdrawal orders created before 23.59 GMT on Sunday will be processed within 5 business days. And withdrawal orders created from 00.00 GMT on Monday will be processed from next week.

You can restore your password on such point of order.

Go on the website negix. io(http://negix.io/), on the right top corner you press the button to enter your personal account, then, you find and click the phrase “FORGOT PASSWORD” and in the pop-up window you enter the e-mail address you used when registered on the platform. Then you will receive the mail with the security code to restore the password (please note, that this mail can come to the SPAM folder), copy the code and paste it in the window on the website, press the confirmation button, and then new window will appear, to enter the new password.

Please note, that financial password is just one of many ways of protecting your funds from scammers.

Financial password can be changed in your personal account in the section SETTINGS - SECURITY.

Make up new password (we recommend using numbers, symbols and caps to make this password more complicated.)

Repeat new password in the line below and press the red TOKEN button, after you pressed it, you will receive pin code for your identification(please note, that this message can come to SPAM folder), then you copy this code and paste it in the empty line next to TOKEN button.

Then you enter secret password that you set up earlier(if you haven’t done it, we recommend to do it as soon as possible). Please note, that you can’t change financial password without secret code.

Final stage of password changing is pressing the button SAVE CHANGES.

If you have any questions, please, contact our customer service department.

To deposit funds to your account you have to go to the section FINANCES, then choose the option ADD FUNDS TO MAIN ACCOUNT, then you can choose payment system from the menu. Fill in the amount, that you want to deposit. Please note, that when you use some payment systems, fee is charged so the amount that will actually be deposited to your account can be lower than the one you indicated. Then, please, check the data you entered and if it is correct go to your payment system to pay with the merchant.

Before depositing funds on your trading account first make sure if this amount is available on your main account, if no, please, fill in main account first.

Then go to the section FINANCES in your personal account and choose the option ADD FUNDS TO MY TRADING ACCOUNT, fill in the amount and check the data you filled in and if everything is correct, you can move to final stage, where funds will be withdrawn from main account and will be moved to trading account.

Before filling in the request for withdrawal, make sure that these funds are available on your main account.

Go to the section FINANCES in your personal account and choose the operation WITHDRAW FUNDS, choose payment system that you want to use. Please note, that you can use only that payment system that you indicated in the section SETTINGS - PAYMENT DATA. Enter the amount, that you would like to withdraw, check the data you entered. For security reasons, system will ask you to enter your financial password, that you entered earlier. If you won’t enter your financial password, won’t be able to withdraw your funds. If you enter your financial password correctly, your application will be submitted.

You can choose this information anytime; you can do it in your personal account in PAYMENT DETAILS section.

To enter new data, you should fill them in the corresponding fields and press the “SAVE CHANGES” button.

To minimize the pressure on financial department and protect our partners, you can fill in only one withdrawal application per week, and next application can be filled in only next week.

To prevent fraud, withdrawal can be processed only if you have minimum deposit in the company(minimum deposit is 50$

Bots are aimed to automated trading on different financial markets independently or partially independently from traders. Testing showed that automated trading is more profitable.

The biggest advantage of our bots is that 98 % of our bots can be installed on any broker, that customer prefers.

Company meets the needs of the customer and don’t put any limits on maximum and minimum amount of purchases.

Before company connect bot to your trading account, you will need to register on broker you choose, and get your account verified. Then you can deposit as much funds as you need on this account.

Then you have to contact NEGIX and follow the instructions of our managers.

Monthly subscription fee is just 50$.

This amount is charged by developers of the bot, that control all the trading processes and update trading systems of bots. That’s how you get quality and steady work of the bot.

Management of the company decided to make the bots easy - to -use for the client. Updates, corrections, and observation are on the company. Our team is working on it 24 / 7.

It’s better to ask this question customer service of the chosen broker.

Nowadays, automated trading is at the top on Forex and cryptocurrency markets. Studies showed, that bots proved to be more profitable, than manual trading. But traders have to coordinate the work of bots, in order for them to work correctly. Management of the company decided to divide funds of investors between bots and traders. Work methods of bots are: diversification, automation, improvement of profit quality and saving the funds.

Bot is yours as long as you pay your monthly subscription fee.

Management of the company accents on diversification of funds.

We recommend to trust bot and broker not more than 10000$ on one trading account.

Minimum amount is 100$.

Company has an option of funds trust management, where your funds are managed by professional traders and programs.

Management of the company suggest you to have a trust managed deposit. Also, it is advised to have a bot, which works in cryptocurrency direction.

There are two ways of earning in this direction

These are Bitcoin - altcoin and Bitcoin - dollar options. You choose what you want to earn the profit on.

Bot enters the deal by opening the order on the amount of 10 % from the deposit. Then it puts Т / р and S / L and depending on the market closes the deal. As a result, that makes a good profit.

Management of the company agreed to trade on BINANCE exchange.

This is one of the TOP - 10 exchanges of the world and it has a good reputation.

In bitcoin it’s 0.1

In dollars – 1000$

We recommend to contact BINANCE customer service with this question.

You need to contact customer service department of the company and present them some data, and after the data will be processed the bot will be disconnected.

After the disconnection of the bot the amount is non - refundable. Service fee doesn’t need to be paid next months.